17 December 2005

on Post-Prairie [Talonbooks, 2005]

what it is, is an anthology of poems by some of canada's hottest now poets. 21st century and up-to-date with a vengence [Stoker], if you may. despite being quite i Y alberta, it's a collection that represents from winnipeg to prince george. a solid guide to the good of canadian writing at this moment - and is def strong enough to survive. on the first read, skip the convoluted intro and go back to it instead; it is summed up neatly by Kroetsch in phrase:: "place is where it's at". the prairies have never been so complicated. all good, but buy or steal for these writers

  • Legris
  • Lai
  • Budde (pg)
  • Cabri
  • Wershler-Henry


At 11:21 PM, Blogger Rob Budde said...

been spending some time with that collection. not many weak poets in there (cept maybe that budde guy). diverse yes, but all got something going on.


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