23 March 2006

Prince George Poet a BC Book Prize Finalist

George Sipos, Anything but the Moon , Goose Lane

George Sipos, until recently, owned and ran Mosquito Books, an independent bookstore. He now works as General Manager of the Prince George Symphony Orchestra. He is acutely aware that life, in its strangeness and beauty, will always elude whatever he can say about it. The tension between the humble recognition that words are in-adequate and the insistent urge to capture what he sees and feels gives Anything but the Moon its blend of quiet reverence and meditative urgency. In lush lyric poems about driving in his truck or listening to the sounds of a henhouse, Sipos reflects upon how everyday experiences slip through our fingers, never to be fully understood or articulated. The rhythms of his poetry are beautifully shaped to the arc of seeing and thinking.

Sponsored by the BC Teachers' Federation

* Stephen Collis, Anarchive (New Star Books)
* Jordan Scott, Silt (New Star Books)
* George Sipos, Anything But the Moon (Goose Lane Editions)
* Meredith Quartermain, Vancouver Walking (NeWest Press)
* Jan Zwicky, Thirty-seven Small Songs & Thirteen Silences (Gaspereau Press)

Judges: Aislinn Hunter, Fred Wah and Colin Browne


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