05 June 2006

Ivan E. Coyote

Ivan E. Coyote, along with Rae Spoon and Amy Lyn Kazymerchyk, is coming to Prince George!

JUNE 16th, 2006, 8:30pm at the GALA North Hall (1177 3rd Ave). Tickets will be available at Books & Co, GALA North, and XXXtreme Adult in advance (due to the special occasion liquor license) for just $10.

Ivan Coyote is a story teller and author of 4 books comprised of collaborations of her short stories (two of these books have been reviewed in the Rainbow Review), as well as writing a monthly column for Xtra West, and a whole host of other fabulous projects she is involved in. She grew up in the Yukon, but now resides in Vancouver. She is well known within writing circles, and both inside and outside the LGBTTQQ community. She is truly amazing!

Rae Spoon is a musician who just independently released his third full-length album. He is currently on a solo tour of Canada, and is a great talent! Rae‚s cowboy-folk twang and prairie imagery is borne out of his history as an Albertan and his lyrics stem from his own unique life experience as a person who is transgendered.

Amy Lyn Kazymnerchyk is a film maker, who's films have been showcased at Toronto's Inside Out Queer Film Festival, and New York's Rooftop Film Festival, among others.

This is a rare and wonderful collaboration of three very talented people from the larger Queer community, and they are making a stop here, in Prince George, on their way up to the Yukon on a three week tour.

For more information, contact Michael Cruikshank.


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