03 April 2007

The Pink Scarves are an imaginary political party that issue news releases in the form of "anonymous" poems photocopied on pink leaflets and scattered conspicuously around Prince George. Since The Pink Scarves are imaginary, there are no members; paradoxically, this means that anyone who wants to can join simply by acting as though they are already members. As a political entity, The Pink Scarves foreground the politics of text and the textuality of politics, problematizing the lines between politics, art and play.

The poems are cheerful parodies of Marxist, Situationist, and Anarchist rhetoric. They are delivered with blank irony, in that they both mimic and mock the language they use—a kind of pastiche of poetic language in revolution. The seriousness and structure of revolutionary ideologies are transformed into absurdity and chaos, which are pursued systematically with total seriousness (which is, after all, funny). The poems are an anti-product, a purposeful waste of time, an unfunny joke. They are a bitter laugh at the futility of politics and a sincere attempt at developing a viable model for activism without authority, be it political, moral, or factual. These poems raise political questions in an open-ended, non-confrontational manner that is surprising and demands a response.

This poetics statement in no way limits the possibilities of The Pink Scarves. It is not definitive. We'll leave that up to the reader, and of course, to The Pink Scarves themselves.


At 10:15 PM, Blogger diandra said...

yay! i love that the font is pink too!


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