16 May 2008

BC’s Inland Rainforest – Conservation and Community

University of Northern British Columbia,
Prince George, BC:
May 21–23, 2008

We would invite your participation in the upcoming conference to be held May 21 to 23 at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George entitled “BC’s Inland Rainforest – Conservation and Community”. This conference will look at emerging research findings on the wet forests the cover the inland mountain ranges in BC and extend southward into Idaho and Montana. BC’s Inland Rainforests are poised to assume much greater significance to the Province of British Columbia over the next decade. As wood from mountain pine beetle stands diminishes the focus of BC’s forest industry will shift increasingly to interior mountain forests. At the same we have a much greater awareness of the many unique attributes of these ecosystems and the potential threats they face from climate change and habitat fragmentation.

Conference speakers will address topics that range from the management of endangered species, to innovative forest harvesting techniques, value-added manufacturing, and development of ecotourism opportunities. The first day of the conference will be held at UNBC. First day events include oral and poster presentations by scientists, experts from non-governmental organizations, and members from local community and industry groups. An afternoon cultural forum will highlight artwork and literature that portrays community visions of BC’s inland rainforest. In the evening a public lecture will highlight the “Conservation Biology of BC’s Inland Rainforest”. On the second day of the conference the rubber hits the road. Conference participants will spend the day in the field, talking with local experts as they visit forest harvesting trials, tour new ecotourism developments, and visit sensitive inland rainforest stands. The evening will culminate in a community barbeque at Dome Creek, to be hosted by the Dome Creek Community Association. This will be a great opportunity to see firsthand innovative examples of community led sustainable development in BC’s inland rainforest. The third day of the conference will open with a presentation by invited speaker Bruce Fraser, Chair of the BC Forest Practices Board, to be followed by a panel discussion presenting future visions of the sustainable development of BC’s inland rainforest.

For more information on conference events please visit: http://wetbelt.unbc.ca/2008-conference.html or contact Al Wiensczyk (Phone: 250- 614-4354; email: alan.wiensczyk@forrex.org).


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