22 October 2008

Saturday, November 8 at 7 PM.
Books and Company
Prince George

A Burning Cold Book Launch
with the North's Hottest Writers.
One night. Two Book Launches. Five Voices.

Hosted by ReLit Poetry Award Winner Gillian Wigmore

Two books to be launched:

Mother Tongue Publishing launches Rocksalt: An anthology of contemporary BC poetry, new poetry
and poetics from 108 BC poets

Caitlin Press launches Betsy Trumpener's first story collection, The Butcher of Penetang

“Life is a series of moments, and Betsy Trumpener has captured
them beautifully in this stunning debut. Every sentence is poetry;
every story a brief, vivid and unforgettable snapshot. Trumpener’s
use of language astounds-with few words, she evokes so much.”
-Marsha Lederman

“This is wicked writing, clean and tough and tender. Trumpener’s
stories trap wild things live and let them go inside you.”
- John Gould

“These stories have it all: laughter, pain, a newborn’s naked breath,
the lonely shock of death. Exquisitely crafted glimpses into the
beauty of our fragile human lives.”
- Susan Musgrave

“Betsy Trumpener is a connoisseur of the strange, vivid moments that
slip under most of our radars, and she has a rare gift for breathing
life into them. These are disturbing, alluring, trenchant stories that
pack a wallop wholly disproportionate to their brevity. A reporter’s
eye, a poet’s tongue, and the gloves-off fists of a prize-fighter: meet
Betsy Trumpener. You won’t forget her.”
- Bill Richardson


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