20 June 2009

PG Arts and Culture Downtown

After the success of the Bridges Festival (see program of events here) and upon hearing the many discussions that occurred, it seems to me that a downtown cultural revolution is in order. This turnaround very well may occur because of the initiatives began at the recent Smart Growth symposiums (see smart growth website), a new commitment and energy at the Community Arts Council (website), and a renewed commitment to the arts by UNBC (for example, the BFA Program).

I would urge all arts and culture organizations to lobby the City and District hard to make a greater commitment to arts and culture in the city above and beyond the status quo of doling out money to the six stalwarts of PG culture (as good as they are). In the past, arts initiatives have stalled because of a lack of cohesive and sustained pressure; it's time for organizations to work together and really transform what has been a city that has underachieved in the arts.

Here is one of the conceptualizations that came out of the SGOG charettes:

Just imagine our walkable, inclusive, and sustainable downtown!


At 9:17 AM, Blogger Jeremy Stewart said...

keep the faith, Rob!


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