15 September 2009

Marguerite Pigeon readings

Marguerite Pigeon is a writer of poetry and fiction. Since completing her MFA at the University of British Columbia in 2004, she has been working as an editor of academic publications while completing this collection of poems and her first novel. Her work has appeared in a variety of journals, including subTerrain, The Capilano Review, dANDelion, Grain, and Taddle Creek. Originally from Blind River, Northern Ontario. She currently lives in Vancouver.

Inventory is a collection of 58 object poems. Taking as a starting point the reciprocal relation between subjects and objects, the book explores the unique way that objects appear in an individual consciousness. Each object in this Inventory exists on its own and also reflects the author’s experience, from the mundane stapler and tea bag, to the mysterious, extinct dodo bird, to entities that blur the line between person and thing.

In this way, the collection highlights the often hidden dimensions of the objects we encounter, including their temporal, political, locational and psychic aspects. It offers an opportunity for readers to reconsider their own investments in what, by dictionary definition, should be static categories.

Monday, Sept 21st

UNBC at 1:00PM in Rm 10-4558
CNC at 7:30PM in Rm 1-306


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