19 April 2011

Barry McKinnon Chapbook Prize

Congratulations to all who submitted chapbooks for this year's Barry McKinnon Chapbook Awards! A testament to the vitality of our writing community! 

Kael Walske, A Small City Dies
Kael Walske, An Affectionate Reality
Paul Strickland, Realism Versus Fair Play
K Darcy Ingram, Blunt Force
K Darcy Ingram, Red and Blue Striped Shirt
(Runner Up) Irene Fyvie,  Convenience Store Pond      
Alex Buck,  Lead Balloon

Rachelle Durand,  Hysteria
(2011 Winner!) Derrick Denholm, Dead Salmon Dialectics
Tyler Crick,  This Author is Not Dead
Oriana Wesley, Letters from a Foreign Land
Nicole Moorehead, Exposure
Laine Bourassa, In an Apartment
Robyn Klassen, Inflection
Matt Partyka, Poems, 2010-211
Kelsey Livingstone, A Look Inside
Garett Svensen, Vivisections
KT Hawes, Good Social Animals
Andreea Mihis, Love is Falling
Trudi Verbaan-Versteeg, Peeling Back the Layers
Jenny Simpson, Caffeine Revolution
Hilary Crowley,  A Summit Lake Winter

Thank you to Graham Pearce for hosting the event.


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