02 January 2006

gave'r - the best of PG 05

In the year passed, a lot of arts & culture events went down in PG. Here can be a tough venue since most major circuits do not hit PG, but we do manage to get our kicks - whether from the locals; or from others who put in the time to come here. Either way, the list is long, and the city is appreciative.
  • The 2 Georges George Bowering and George Stanley read at Art Space (february): big GB, Canadian poet-laureate, takes over this old haunt of his; Stanley transforms before our eyes w/ a reading of the sex-bending "Veracruz".
  • Eco-launch Barry McKinnon and Jay MillAr join Ken Belford for the launch of his latest book 'ecologue' at Art Space (march): even bigger KB makes 3 as PG hears some of Canada's best poetry on what woulda been a random Wednesday spring evening.
  • Great Canadian Beer Festival PG Playhouse (april): not really art - but sure was fun... *burp.
  • Aboriginal Writers Festival Aboriginal writers converge at UNBC (september/october): Tomson Highway and Richard Van Camp led the way at this festival that brought together some of the continent's best writers for a week of deep culture.
  • Bad Colonial Day Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun at 2 Rivers (summer): A colourful yet stark look at post-colonial Aboriginal heritage.
  • Blue Rodeo at The CN Centre (september): They played so many definitively-Canadian songs that cut right down to our wooden hearts that fall evening.
  • The Nutcracker Judy Russel's Enchainement Dance Studio (december): A cracking production that gets grander & tighter w/ each season.

In a vague address: thanx to anyone who did anything; and keep doin' it in 06.

Missed something?? Add it to the comments then...


At 11:16 PM, Blogger Jeremy Stewart said...

Hardy, you missed:

-The launch of CFUR 88.7 FM's first PG music scene compilation, "CFUR is the new pink," which topped out at #35 on the national campus radio charts. The concert was awesome. Versus, Big Old Eyes, and The Lines We Drew headlined.

and that's just to start.

Jeremy S

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Rob Budde said...

yeah, i was gonna say that . . . and the launch of PG's new arts magazine, George Street Letters, now working on its third issue of local arts scene news and reviews.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger hardyf said...

Poetry Rocks Like Bon Jovi at UNBC was touted as one of the freshest poetry readings in quite awhile. shud make for a fine annual event.


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