03 April 2006

Go Norther

edited by hardy f and rob budde.

if you'd like a copy of this pdf e-mag write to rob budde.

in the 1st issue:

--rob budde
--denielle wiebe
--hardy f
--heather glasgow
--e-pulp: "PG Arts Manifesto 2" by rob budde
--Norther throwback: "In Solitude, I" by Ken Belford

submit if you like, northern writers (and no that does not mean northwest calgary or just north of finch – ya gotta be north of 50). send submissions of photos or writing to the culture mill

We are planning to collect the work of four writers every month.

“combine and shake well w- snow.serve in a warm wood-paneled basement.”


At 12:04 PM, Blogger hardyf said...

here here!

At 6:46 AM, Blogger katy said...

absofreakinlutly loved it. am just sad i'm not north enough. have two paper cuts from the pages i printed it on, too. canadians are tough.


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