31 July 2006

Rob Ziegler's The Draft Dodger Dues: A Banquet of Crow

Book launch. Sunday, Sept. 17th, 5:00 pm at Books & Co.

Ziegler's tale takes his reader on a journey from the fall festivals in Allentown, Pennsylvania, to the 1960's circus of Haight-shbury, through the aspen groves of North Western BC, to the communes and prot-side streets in the Maritimes, through the deserts of Mexico, and back again to BC. Ziegler as Vietnam draft dodger metamorphoses from college professor, to log cabin hippy, into Maritime street-poet, clown, bankrupt mime, addictions therapist, and finally, fulfilled husband and father. Suffused with poetry and drama, and written with courage and vulnerability, The Draft Dodger Dues: A Banquet of Crow explores the feelings of confusion, heartbreak, loss, and hope that cultural exile ultimately fosters.


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