17 October 2006

Please join us for a special evening of readings by authors, Al Rempel and Leanne Boschman, featuring their work from Half in the Sun.

This anthology ends the collective invisibility of British Columbia’s Mennonite writers in a very decisive way. The authors represented in Half in the Sun are BC writers who share a history rooted in a dark region littered with stories of repeated migration, Soviet terror, displacement and resettlement. Some bear witness to their ancestors’ struggles as marked people and as refugees assimilating into Canadian culture. Others have woven together texts that bring to light the human experiences of old and new home, community, family, love, faith, rebellion, and explorations of a very large world—often with gusto, humour and irony. Everyone will recognize the universality of these experiences.

“To create an anthology is to build an ark out of words: Half in the Sun is both a home for memory and a means of navigating risky waters. The impress of Mennonite history and culture is strong in these poems and stories, and yet there is abundant room, on this ark, for all of us in the abiding community of readers.” —Janice Kulyk Keefer

Art Space 1685 Third Avenue,
Prince George
Saturday, November 4, 7:30 p.m.
For local information contact Books & Co. 563-6637
For publisher’s information contact Ronsdale Press: 604-738-4688 | ronsdale@shaw.ca


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