05 August 2006

::stonezones:: a series of regionally-defined issues

#1 Spring/Summer 2007—Calgary
#2 Fall/Winter 2007--Montreal

:: send work that grapples with issues of the physical place: geography, landscape, architecture, space, civic planning, portraits, history, ecology, urban studies, etc.

:: stonestone::

:: Send electronic submissions to rob budde

:: stonestone :: is a biannual journal interested in writing which explores the poetic apprehension of the material world, things, or objects, and/or the difficulty in acts of 'translation’

:: stonestone :: is also interested in images or visual art that engages self-reflexivity or text as object

All submissions must be original and previously unpublished. Manuscripts under consideration elsewhere are acceptable provided this is noted on the submissions and they be withdrawn elsewhere if accepted

Submissions should include the author's name, address, telephone number, fax, e-mail, and any other pertinent contact information

Accepted manuscripts may not appear exactly as submitted due to formatting.
:: stonestone :: will do its best to maintain the integrity of the writing form

:: stonestone :: DOES NOT accept submissions that are racist, sexist, misogynist, and/or homophobic

Send up to 10 pages (2500 words) of writing (poetry, prose poetry, experimental prose, other writing). Send art in high-res jpeg format.

E-mail submissions should be in the body of the email or come as an .rtf or .txt file attachment. Please note any HTML or special formatting required

Make sure to include return email contact (in the message) or SASE. Submissions from outside of Canada MUST be accompanied by international reply coupons. E-mail submissions will not be returned so make sure you have a copy

Include a 50 word bio (approximately) with your submission

:: stonestone :: the elementals of language; duplications, indeterminacies, and yet the artist does go on perceiving — a worlding

:: stonestone :: an exploration of 'thingness', 'quidditas', and the re/reflexive (read: insecure)

:: stonestone :: contemplation, language made stone, what matters, the apprehension of materiality//the materiality of apprehension, language-memory-object and its counter

:: stonestone :: the mimetic fallacy/promise, the dream of verisimilitude

:: stonestone :: "Modernity begins with the recognition that the object before me is not a sign but a random particle, so "to make the stone stony is to chip away the inscription someone carved on it; it is to turn signs back into things." (Gerald L. Bruns, "Toward a Random Theory of Prose”)

:: stonestone :: "ostranit"-e(n)strangement, the thing made strange, the difference between recognition and seeing

:: stonestone :: "A CARAFE, THAT IS A BLIND GLASS. A kind in glass and a cousin, a spectacle and nothing strange a single hurt color and an arrangement in a system to pointing. All this and not ordinary, not unordered in not resembling. The difference is spreading." Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons


is this a cost of beauty, the
focus of word and thought to make the thing already there,
there as
object of seeing?
Barry McKinnon, PulpLog


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