24 March 2009

Bridges Festival

Call for Entries – Bridges Festival of Arts and Culture 2009 Juried Exhibition

What impact does the non-human or human landscape have on our sense of self and location? How do we represent ourselves in a reality where our physical environment has been pervaded by mass media and globalization? This multitude of physical and virtual layers of existence challenges our sense of place and presence. This group exhibition will reflect the wide-ranging practices of artists in the region and provide a forum to express a sense of who you are in relation to where you are. We are looking for work that explores the notions of space specific to our central interior region.

The first annual Bridges Festival of Arts and Culture is currently seeking submissions for our June 11-13, 2009 exhibition in the UNBC Rotunda. The Bridges Festival of Arts & Culture welcomes artists working in all media (painting, sculpture, fiber, video, poetry, short story, etc.) to submit up to three works of art or two pieces of writing up to four pages each. If you have a piece of work or any ideas which you would like to develop further in relation to this project and in dialogue with the Bridges Festival, we would very much like to hear from you.

Works need to include some marker that locates the work in the general Prince George region. Submission topics might include but are not limited to:

• Public vs. private places
• Phenomenological approaches to space and place
• Home/land
• Borders
• Changing landscapes
• How people occupy the city


Travel and exhibition expenses are the responsibility of the artist; however, some of the work will be published in “The Small Cities” book project that is a result of the research and discussion at the festival. Writing will be published in a chapbook format. Artworks will be displayed in safe but unsecured area and will be moved, if possible, to a secured area each evening of the show. Work that requires production budgets or extensive set-up times cannot be taken on. Single screen films should be no longer than 15 min.

Please fill in the Submission Form download at this site.

Submissions should be received/postmarked by April 15. Files and essays should be sent to: Bridges Festival Exhibition c/o Gina MacDonald, Admin 2014, University of Northern British Columbia, 3333 University Way, Prince George BC, V2N 4Z9.
• Please send hard copies.
• slides, prints, or digital images are acceptable; please submit only one format. Multiple images will be accepted if needed to best represent the work; details are encouraged.
Slides or Prints:
• slides and prints should be clearly labelled with artist’s name and title of work, and marked with an arrow in the upper right hand corner to indicate the top and correct viewing side of the slide. If submitting details, number images in order of viewing. Submit with completed art submission form.
Digital Images;
• Images should be either jpeg or tif files at a resolution of 72 dpi with a maximum width of 1024 pixels and a maximum height of 768 pixels in RGB mode.
• Images must be pc compatible.
• Label each file (image) with the artist’s name and title of the work in the following format: last name, first name. title of work. format (eg. brown,jane. title. jpg)
• If detail images are included, label each file (image) with the artist’s last name, first name. title and sequential number. (eg. brown_jane_title01.jpg, brown_jane_title02.jpg
• Submit with completed art submission form.
*Media files and 50-word bios from all accepted contributors. Artistic submissions should include a brief original statement that elucidates, expands or reflects on a conceptual or technological aspect of the work.

Contributors will be notified of acceptance by May 24, 2009.
Deadline for Submissions: May 10, 2009.
For More Information:
Joanna Smythe 250.970.0144 or smythej@unbc.ca
Gina MacDonald 250.960.6788 or macdonag@unbc.ca

Please check out our website.


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