14 November 2010

Cooley / McKinnon

            “Harvested from the prairies, Cooley's writing fiddles with forms, swerves among the vernacular, the comical, the meditative, the linguistic, and the personal. His work exudes a strong commitment to local and contemporary understandings of writing and a continued experimentation with his postmodernist leanings.”                                                                                               
Dennis Cooley-------------
---------------Barry McKinnon
8:00 pm Monday November 22, 2010      UNBC Room 5-184
Dennis Cooley taught in the English Department at the University of Manitoba. He has been active in prairie literature as teacher, editor, anthologist, publisher, critic, theses advisor, theorist, and as teacher of Canadian poetry. Cooley has published over 20 titles. A collection of critical material, The Vernacular Muse, considers in two of its essays the role of eye and ear in Canadian poetry.

Barry McKinnon was born in Calgary in 1944. After completing a masters at the University of British Columbia in 1969, he accepted a teaching position in the English department at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George, where he taught until his retirement in 2006.__The author of eight poetry books and thirteen chapbooks, McKinnon was awarded the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Award for Pulp Log in 1991 and was shortlisted for a Governor-General's Award for The the in 1982. He publishes, designs and edits chapbooks for Gorse Press.


03 November 2010

Enpipe Line - Communique 1

Participate in Christine Leclerc's communal poetic response to the proposed Enbridge Pipeline. Go here for more information.