19 September 2012

Women Artivists & UNBC Rotunda Occupation
September 21 to October 30     

Artivism Expressions and Wall Yums will be displayed from/ with various projects and communities of vulnerability. Artivism expressions are art pieces with a message (sometimes an ugly message – sometimes a controversial message). Wall Yums are gentler explorations in beauty or stories. Si Transken has assisted in the facilitation of art therapy and artistic  expression with homeless women; abused women; survival sex trade workers; social justice activists; social workers; students; youth; and garden/ vegetables lovers! Canvases from these various projects and processes will be on display. The ‘wall yums’ are lovely canvases which are being sold to raise funds for similar future projects and for the UNBC Women’s Center. The Rotunda will have these works on display for six consecutive weeks. Our hope is that you will take time to walk through more than once.

We are also investing these six weeks to announce our new ongoing program from the UNBC Women’s Center. We are hoping that other artists will display their work and donate their work so that each year we can raffle art pieces, sell art pieces, and have auctions on art pieces ongoingly. Three easels outside the Women’s Center will be permanently displaying creative works. The Women’s Center really needs you! You can purchase all your Birthday, Xmas, Graduation… gifts from our original art pieces.

Over 70 canvases will be on display in the Rotunda for the six week duration of this Artivists Occupation! Some are for sale. Some are to disturb, haunt, amaze, and/ or amuse you. Most will have lengthy artists statements so you can share in a richer experience. There will be photo displays also of the events from which these artivists’ pieces were birthed. Joanna Smyth, Lynn Box, Jan Mc Eachren, Karen Best and other talented women will also have their work on display.

There will be five Thursdays of feature nights. All events are free. All events are from 7:00 to 9:00. All events will have a 6:00 – 7:00 pre-event dvd showing on the theme of the evening. The informal dvd showings are a wonderful time to meet others who care about these issues – or just have snacks (BYO/ Pot Luck) and connect with other grassroots, compassionate and creative souls.

Thursday September 20th: Men Resisting Violence Against Women. Rob Budde, Ken Belford, Chuck Fraser, Josh Massey; Danielle Gallant (and an open microphone). Men against violence. These memorable poets will share their creative voice in response to concerns about aggression toward women, children, the environment. They are speaking on the night before the Take Back the Night March to demonstrate their solidarity with women who have been harmed and women who want to make the world safer. MC: Si Transken.

Thursday September 27: Homelessness. This evening will have guest speakers who have been working to change the situations of the unhomed and/or who have been among the homeless at some time in their lives. The art on display will focus on the four MA in Gender Studies thesis projects which began at AWAC (a shelter for homeless women here in PG) in 2007 and which continue. Guest speakers include: Dahne Harding, Merr Dorber, Christal Capostinsky, Denise Wagner. MC: Si Transken

Thursday October 4rth: A great chance for you to quietly visit the Rotunda on your own.

Thursday October 11: Sexualization of youth in the media. Guest Speakers: Chandra Scopie is co-faciliating a research project here in PG on this issue.There will also be some poetry and discussion about what we can do as activists to bring about change. Two very dynamic and memorable DVDs will be shown. MC: Si Transken

Thursday October 18th: Ecofeminism/ Ecofashion. Guest speakers include: Marli Bodhi, Melanie Bodhi, Barb Coupe, Serena Black. They are activists who have been involved in a wide array of community  garden and social justice projects. Art will be highlighted on the theme of caring for the earth. MC: Si Transken
Thursday October 28th: Women and Strength. Guest speakers include: Robyn Story (the founder of the Salmon Valley Women’s Festival) and Sarah Boyd (the Coordinator of the UNBC Women’s Center).  This wrap up session will celebrate some of the powerful and tenacious women in this community. This evening will also reaffirm how we can bring about improvements in our individual and collective lives through the use of art, poetry, story telling, dance, music… MC: Si Transken
In advance we wish to thank all of our volunteer artists, facilitators, the UNBC Arts Council, the School of Social Work, AWAC, New Hope, and those who decide to purchase art to support our ongoing and vital efforts to bring healing, safety, justice and consciousness raising to our communities.