30 June 2006

Federation of BC Writers: Northern Chapter

A July meeting is set for the Northern Chapter of the
Federation of BC Writers

1-3 pm
Saturday July 15
above Books & Company in Prince George.


Format will be 40 minutes of readings by members from works brought to sell to other members, or to trade, or to make available to members for reviewing purposes. Works may include traditionally published works, self-published works, chapbooks, or print outs of online publications but must be available to sell or give away in print form at the meeting. Readings may be reserved in advance. If time allows members may volunteer on the day. But time limit will be strictly
observed to allow time for networking and book shopping during a 20 min. break.

After the break, there will be a round table update from members on their personal news or leads/opportunities they wish to share. Each speaker will be limited to 2 minutes of floor time. Again, time limits will be observed to leave time for socializing afterwards. Meeting will conclude with a 15 minute presentation on New Publishing Strategies by CEO of ScrollPress Dr. Dee Horne.

Guests are welcome, but we'll expect repeat guests to become paid-up members of the B.C. Writers Federation.

27 June 2006

Reading Stargate SG*1, edited by Stan Beeler and Lisa Dickson

This collection of essays examines the cultural circulation of the popular science fiction series, its marketing, its treatment of place, American (and/or Canadian) nationalism, its politics of gender and identity, as well as its generic, filmic, and thematic qualities. The collection is from I.B. Tauris and Palgrave/St. Martin's.

In 1997 the series Stargate SG-1 first aired on American Cable television, initially on Showcase and then in later seasons on the SciFi and Space channels. Through syndication, it has since ventured into broader European markets. Stargate SG-1 has blossomed into a series with a stable market value driven by fierce fan loyalty. Moreover, the series has an eighth season in production and – what may be considered the holy grail of any television series – a spin-off (Atlantis) also premiering this summer. Given the short and brutish lifespan of the average Fantasy / Science Fiction series it would seem appropriate to take a critical look at Stargate SG-1 as it enters its eighth season and attempt to discover the source of its staying power. The show's military setting and its dramatization of the American military's relationship with external powers (both Earthly and extra-terrestrial), and its exploration of the ethics of technology, empire, and exploration make an investigation of this series at this point in history topical.

Launch of the book is 5:00 pm Saturday, July 8 at Books & Co.

19 June 2006


Vancouver singer/songwriter/accordionist Geoff Berner is coming to Prince George!

Thursday, June 22nd at 8 pm at the Artspace (above Books and Co.), see and hear Geoff Berner and his band crank out wicked klezmer-inflected original folk tunes with wry and wise lyrics and down and dirty musicality. Just $10.

Don't miss your chance to hear this guy--he's a legend in the making.

12 June 2006


Poetics.ca #6

The sixth issue features:

-- A Bridge to Naridive: The Poetry of Andrew Suknaski
by Kemeny Babineau
-- Modern Fiction & The Decay of History: bpNICHOL'S the true eventual story of billy the kid
by carl peters
-- Interview with Souvankham Thammavongsa
by Soraya Peerbaye
-- Writing a Long Poem for a Very Long Time
by Ken Norris
-- the stone-boat heart: letters to Andrew Suknaski
by rob mclennan

Poetics.ca is edited by rob mclennan and Stephen Brockwell and the managing editor is Vivian Vavassis. Highlighting recent issues is mclennan's take on the legacy of Barry McKinnon's "Sex at 31" and his overview of recent poetry anthologies.

05 June 2006

Ivan E. Coyote

Ivan E. Coyote, along with Rae Spoon and Amy Lyn Kazymerchyk, is coming to Prince George!

JUNE 16th, 2006, 8:30pm at the GALA North Hall (1177 3rd Ave). Tickets will be available at Books & Co, GALA North, and XXXtreme Adult in advance (due to the special occasion liquor license) for just $10.

Ivan Coyote is a story teller and author of 4 books comprised of collaborations of her short stories (two of these books have been reviewed in the Rainbow Review), as well as writing a monthly column for Xtra West, and a whole host of other fabulous projects she is involved in. She grew up in the Yukon, but now resides in Vancouver. She is well known within writing circles, and both inside and outside the LGBTTQQ community. She is truly amazing!

Rae Spoon is a musician who just independently released his third full-length album. He is currently on a solo tour of Canada, and is a great talent! Rae‚s cowboy-folk twang and prairie imagery is borne out of his history as an Albertan and his lyrics stem from his own unique life experience as a person who is transgendered.

Amy Lyn Kazymnerchyk is a film maker, who's films have been showcased at Toronto's Inside Out Queer Film Festival, and New York's Rooftop Film Festival, among others.

This is a rare and wonderful collaboration of three very talented people from the larger Queer community, and they are making a stop here, in Prince George, on their way up to the Yukon on a three week tour.

For more information, contact Michael Cruikshank.